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How to Hygge this summer

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2016 brought centerfold attention to the Danish decor trend of Hygge. As we understand it, this lifestyle is all about making life warmer. We saw large knitted pillows, warm glowing candles, furry slippers and lots of opaque serve ware for the table. And let’s not deny the fact that we were drooling over the look that welcomed us HOME.

But as summer is knocking at our doorstep, we cannot fight the feeling of embracing cool and fresh interiors. While we have our heart set on making Hygge, its a tough call to pack those chunky throws and spicy scented candles away! But wait, fear not, we’ve got your back…

We designed a welcoming living room that spells all things Hygge. Get ready to feel cozy already, without the temperature rising!

Keep styling and keep smiling


Art Fix for your abode

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Ready to add some fun  to your walls? We believe you deserve an expression of your feelings. And what’s a better way than to let your home do the talking.

We have looked up some noteworthy Artists’ work and curated a collection of their soulful paintings. Here you’ll find framed art prints – for smaller budgets as well as some masterpiece hand painted canvased for the Art lover. Click below for prices and shopping list:

Keep styling and keep smiling!


How are you bringing in warmth this Lohri?

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How are you bringing in warmth this Lohri?


Oh how you long for a fireplace in the living room, right? While we gather around fire pits with our family and neighbors, there’s a little piece of Lohri you can take indoors. We have curated a collection of beautifully crafted candles for every budget.Collect these centerpieces for a cozy effect all winter long. Let’s get shopping!



INR 1,390

INR 1,732

INR 2,392

INR 1,199

Get the entire shopping list here:


Keep styling and keep smiling!


Fall Winter 2016-17

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Fall Winter 2016-17

Fall Winter 2016-17

Welcome Fall 2016! We have been waiting to see the skies change (or not!). This year has been a wildflower altogether… With uncountable political surprises, we are getting in the groove to face the winter.

We present to you a summed up report of this season’s hottest trends

1. Bold Wildflower

2. Composed Smokey geometric

3.Comforting  Honey glaze

A melange of our design themes in one thanksgiving tablescape
    While all three trends vary in conception, when put together in one palate, gives a bold- sophisticated look. With each trend, there’s a characteristic pattern that brings out perfect harmony. Of all the colors included in this collection, our Designer’s Pick is Mellow Blue in Faux Suede texture and double shading. Flip through to be inspired beyond what’s new!

Bold wildflower

Inspiration for Wildflower organic is drawn from dreamy cherry blossoms, tall grass, berries and winter bulbs. Bending and swaying in character, their patterns are translated as sprinkles, clusters and flowing line- drawings.

Boldness of this theme can be seen in Colors, Patterns, Simplistic yet strong silhouettes and individuality of subject matter. The first instance of such Bold gestures was seen on the runways of Gucci in their Pre- Fall collection of 2016. Let’s not forget that Home Decor and Fashion industry are very closely linked with each other.

Details of Gucci embroidery and sequins in this floral pattern
Zuhair Murad Fall Winter 2016
Chanel Pret fall winter 2016
Marchesa Fall ’16 Ready to wear

Now let’s see how these Runway looks translate to Home Decor trends for the upcoming season. We spotted a lot of bold colors in rich textures for upholstery. These however, are found posing in front of a lighter background. The kind of fabric is mostly velvet, combed polyester and satin. Let’s look at the finishes of these furniture pieces. Mostly smooth and clean lines define the bright colors. The overlay of bold silhouettes can be easily related to patterns seen in couture collections.

Velvet texture in rich colors on a neutral background 
Satin finish paint colors in deep shades by Sherwin Williams 2017
Plush living room designed by Jack Mitchell Interiors
Lively winter bedroom by Sarah Davison Interior Design

Composed smokey geometric

Inspiration for this theme comes from the skyline of our Metros. Not that there aren’t sunny days, but the feeling of haze keeps us focused on things TO- DO. All work and no play is the mood of the season. Well, play is certainly limiting, considering biting cold winds outside. That leaves us feeling bland. Most of the day goes at work. And the little socializing we get is mostly indoors. More reason to look at the finer details of decorating this season! We spend time organizing closets, book shelves, mantels, reading nooks and any space that hasn’t caught our attention during playful months.

The Rhine on a working day during winter
snug couple of pigeons with fully fluffed feathers
Typical still of the city. Grey, brown and cold

Now moving to the Runway, we see a trend of boxy geometric forms. Shades ranging from charcoal to dusty- silver are used in the palate for smokey geometric. Although the smokey eye effect has taken a subdued version to express itself in glossy nudes lined with kohl. Skirts and tulip dresses make a comeback this winter, embracing the feminine silhouette. Yet, shrugs and drooping shoulders continue to trend. We see determined styling with no- fuss accessories. All ensembles are to the point and making a statement.

Structured kimono jacket and pleated skirt by Junya Watanabe at Paris fashion week Fall 2016
Geometric details of Iris Van Herpen dress for F/W 16
Denim coat by Viktor & Rolf for F/W 16
Issey Miyake Ready to wear ensemble for fall ’16

How are our Interior Spaces influenced by geometric designs in a dusty palate? Lets take a look at the products and furniture that shape decor for Fall- Winter 2016. We see bold geometric forms crafted in wood. Metals working with wood step up the Concrete trend of 2015. The industrial look has translated gradually into softer, domestic schemes with well finished edges and surfaces. Not only is the color grey used, but its rippling effect of greyness has been achieved using flatter pigments in blues as well.

Construct theme named by Dulux this year exploiting metal and wood
Winter collection of geometric art objects by Del Harrow
Bathroom styled by Studio Muir in charcoal and smokey grey 
Set of honeycombed pendant lamps by Edward Linacre

Comforting Honey glaze

Who doesn’t need comforting in a cold, harsh winter? We all look out for something nostalgic to make us feel connected to the warmth of a home cooked meal. Most of our memories about winter are related to occasional celebrations. Thanksgiving, Christmas or just family gathering around a well built fire. The strongest aromas are brewed in the kitchen at this time of the year. Yes, we are talking cakes, gingerbread, cinnamon buns, waffles, hot chocolate and more. And just because we like to spoil ourselves, we top off our food with a glaze of goodness. This is what our last theme expresses. Extra comfort.

Carrot cake glazed with honey and pistachios 
Christmas cookies with cinnamon glaze
Desert skewers glazed with hazelnut toffee

And how does honey glaze translate to fashion? Luxurious fabrics. Warm, heavy and pompous fabrics add to the comfort of winter dressing. We see overalls in a honey shade with muted accessories. Mostly functional, ensembles here are flowing and feminine. Sweetness oozes out of these attires without making them cliched. We see combinations with ivory, egg white and almond shades of neutral whites. While others team up with midnight black.  Lots of personality comes with muted luxury. Some overflows as gold highlights. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest translations of the theme.

Valentino turtleneck dress in velvet for of Ready to Wear collection F/W 16 
Alexander McQueen F/W 2016
Burberry Fall 2016 trench teamed with Lady Dior handbag in copper
Elie Saab fall ’16 Couture gown

While the Runway looks are soft and luxurious, our Interiors are getting a glam up for the season. All spaces have a touch of satin sheen whether it’s the finishes or the accessories. We find enough pleasure in these highly sophisticated designs. With the nostalgia of a perfectly presentable holiday home comes immense joy of subtle luxury. Let us experience comfort in these candy- flavored rooms!

Christina Roughan styled reading room with glass and leather
Denim color in velvet and felt with gold piping and accessories
Dining room by Redmond Aldrich featuring glossy ceiling
Lily and Bramwell armchair in Soft Amber upholstery

That brings us to the end of our Trend Book for Fall- Winter 2017-17. Hope our readers now have a fair idea of the Interior Design Trends. Looking forward to styling all nests soon. Keep styling and keep smiling!


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This dining room designed with Soft Neutrals brightens up your winter

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We all long for that cozy moment when we can just unwind in our Pj’s after a long long day at work. Well, having a fireplace and a cuppa hot chocolate may seem a faraway dream. But you can have your own snuggle corner right in the middle of your dining room! Here’s how we created a soft yet minimal look to bring warmth into your busy lives:

To begin with, we choose a blush pink (or nearly there pink) shade of paint for the walls. When we create a relaxing space, we try to keep the background uniform. And highlight or feature walls are so passe!

Lets address the elephant in the room. A large dining table. Here, we picked out a practical solution to be used creatively as a 4- seater on usual days. When you’ve got enough on your table, it beautifully transforms into a 6- seater without having to stack those high back chairs. Presenting, the plush and versatile Upholstered Bench! The bench may be stacked under the table or, against the wall and under the table…

Now over to the real beauties- the dining chairs. We love to sink in and eat. Simple. We don’t want to feel like having a meal at the cafeteria or Mc D’s. So we choose to bring in sturdy, moderately sized upholstered chairs. These have a curved back and are stylishly finished in a dark shade of thick fabric. Feeling princely yet?

Now the little luxuries (or big ones)… We thought of adding a love-seat to the dining room to make it slightly relaxed. The texture had been kept fine and the color light. But the comfort is big. Oh the pleasure of eating on a couch- without the clumsy moments! Finished in wood, this love-seat brings enough warmth and synchronicity to the rest of the room.

We plan to keep the ground below your feet soft, enter- throw rug. A simple hand knotted rug in off white and grey with a flowing pattern is just what the space needs. We avoid bold colors and contrasting palettes here. Remember to pick out a rug that’s big enough to be laid under the couch and still have space to walk/ sit on in front.

Let’s accessorize the ensemble with a hint of sophistication… The blush pink walls get their well deserved sketchy fix. We create a sequence of framed watercolor and charcoal paintings in grey tones. Why did we mix the two media? To avoid making your dining room walls into an art gallery. We hate monotony, especially in homes. Let’s now bring in light with a black floor lamp. Simple yet beautifully functional. And for your lazy bones- a butler trolley in brushed metal. Adding personal items like a stack of hardbound books and a satin- microfiber throw always make your room homely!

See below for the shopping list.

Dulux Gentle Spain wall paint @INR 250 per Liter, Wooden dining table with cut out @INR 15,990, Mid back upholstered dining chair @INR 8,099, or spend a little more for Cut out upholstered chair @INR 11,1995×8 rug in wool blend @INR 25,8002 Seater couch @INR 27,199, Upholstered bench @INR 19,999, Antique gold bar cart @INR 8,476, Grey textured cushion 12″x12″ @INR 1,050, Black slender floor lamp @INR 17,685, or spend less for Black drum floor lamp @INR 13,7999

Keep styling and keep smiling!


Fall Mix-burgundy and pumpkin

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fall mix
Gather your favorite fall colors in a fun living room! It’s the time of the year when you are looking for a cheerful corner. What’s a better way to brighten up your day than in your own home? We’ve put together a comforting theme that will last seasons to come. And rich colors hide a little mess as well 😉
To begin with, we painted the background in a nutmeg shade. Following is the show-stopper burgundy sofa. We added a dash of smart checks with a grey and pumpkin woolen throw.
Moving forward is the plush rug in silk blend. And topping this surface is a smooth metallic coffee table in charcoal, with a glass top. Jazzing the setting up are a couple of throw cushions in fine silk.
We never leave the room without adding character- as seen in this square agate artwork. Let’s leave our sanctuary scented with a spicy fragrance from a wondrous  candle!
Keep styling and keep smiling!

Zen Bedroom

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Sleep requires peace. Peace requires calm. Calm requires harmony. Harmony requires thoughtful organisation. See how this 150 square foot bedroom speaks perfection in detail.


Our design exercise involved creating a bedroom balanced with daily activity space and a secluded sleeping area. The client wished to retain the largest piece in the room- the king sized bed. Having pulled down an old wardrobe, we had an extra niche in the bedroom…

So, cleverly, we oriented the room vertically. This addressed two concerns- giving the king bed its private corner and transitioning from activity to sleep zone. And we achieved this by placing a two seater recliner upholstered in linen. The initial plan was for a couch. But the client loved the idea of kicking their feet up while watching Tv!


Speaking of zones, we created a television wall- dressed with a smart chest of drawers in chocolate stain. The glass top of this chest created a display counter for decor and accessories. With travel souvenirs and family pictures, the corner has transformed into the most cherished niche of the house!

Now that the bedroom is orderly, we move to the finer details… The client wanted relaxing artwork for the walls. However, we thought of pulling together the room by creating one entire wall into art! So came the backdrop of Japanese orchid flowers. With this backdrop, we added a sparkling soft texture to the rest of the walls with coordinating wallpaper in pastel pink. Now the room looked more relaxing than ever!


Accessorizing the windows and floor was a blend of texture and pattern studies. We wanted a geometric pattern for the room in addition to the floral wall. But at the same time, had to keep harmony between the window and art wall. So, we threw a geometric patterned rose colored rug in a combination of silk and wool.



Let’s move to the cushy end… the bed comes with its two night stands, in Teak wood. But we always want more! We added a twist to the bedside corner. By placing two wooden trays atop the nightstands and two Japanese- inspired tilting lamps on the headrest, we now have a personal butler table on each side!


Our job is done here. We let our happy client read under the quirky lamps and relax in the zen bedroom.

keep styling and keep smiling!


Beach inspired living room

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What does an amazing view want? A cozy, relaxed sit out for enjoying your time...

This Beach- inspired Living Room has the perfect welcome design. With hues of blue and white against a grey- beige backdrop, the room is relaxed and well dressed at the same time.

This 216 square foot living room needed an update. 

The client wanted to retain the wall lights and the Persian silk rug. All of the furniture was styled to give a classy yet casual look. And the handcrafted rubber wood expandable center table was the show stopper! This gave us our color palate- Smoked brown with a hint of grey. 

We picked tinges of blue from the antique Persian rug and gave it a twist. The result- duck egg blue for the drapes and cool aqua upholstery for the sofas. To create interest in the room, we introduces two reading chairs in off- white with a watercolor floral print. Now throwing cushions was easy!

Moving to add decor and accessories was interesting. We wanted to avoid metal into this calm setting. So, we used a beautiful glass mirrored dish and a wooden tray with lacquered handles- both of which are handcrafted.

A fresh bunch of bamboo stalks came handy for bringing the greens indoors, without adding too much bulk (large plants can take up a lot of floor space). We stationed a fine blue glass pot with Japanese hand- sewn Roses and Bougainvillea stems. This marvelous ensemble pulls together a Zen garden look midst a melange of Persian and English influences!

Always remember to intrigue your guest by lighting an aroma candle- that smells of the current season. Lastly, a fruit arrangement lightens a cake platter like a pro! 

keep styling and keep smiling!

Design your home in 10 days

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Design your home in 10 days

We make it simple for you to set up a new home OR re- design an existing one. At Nest Stylist, we provide interior design for homes that will stand out today and tomorrow. All you need is 10 days and your home will soon be getting its fashion fix delivered at your doorstep. Let your unique style speak volumes in the address that’s yours. Order the design of a room. Tell us about your taste. Sit back and witness the joy of dressing up.


Find out more about E-Decor here

His & Hers

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His & Hers
Ever faced the dilemma of whose home is it? Most homes have a personality screaming to be recognized. But is it His or Hers?
We have created a neutral palate for designing a gender equalizing theme. It’s not the same as a gender neutral definitely! This one has bouts of feminine and hints of masculine styles layered over a neutral shade of earthy and concrete colors.
Both have their own precedence over the other when it comes to different functions of the room. Upholstery is better felt in soft and flowing textures. Whereas artwork need its tough shoulders and crisp edges. So many design elements have pre- conceived roles that one blindly throws together an ensemble.
Look up our Bold Vintage design that justifies these roles seamlessly in a smart living room.
Keep styling and keep smiling!
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