New modern


Summer highs and summer lows. We love the t-shirts and hate the heat that only grows.
What pleasure it was as kids to roll, in the grass and meadows…
Aren’t we all craving to sit on the floor with our cuppa tea? And that’s what your home is offering this summer. We will try and mix play and leisure for you to completely unwind when you walk in that door.
There must be a pile of unused and ratty old furniture hidden in your storage. If not, then certainly an old rug or bed spread. The new modern style screams simplicity. And what is simpler than an ensemble of your favorites!  Yes, your home speaks volumes about your personality. So let the room so the talking (and impressing) for your guests.
I’d like you to leave your plush seat and sit on the floor. It is a simple and relaxing  change from our daily postures. As simple as it gets, now pick up your monochrome rug and throw and get ready to chill. A good buy is this Zen coffee table that adds charm to your living space. Let’s enjoy the little luxuries this summer!