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How to Hygge this summer

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2016 brought centerfold attention to the Danish decor trend of Hygge. As we understand it, this lifestyle is all about making life warmer. We saw large knitted pillows, warm glowing candles, furry slippers and lots of opaque serve ware for the table. And let’s not deny the fact that we were drooling over the look that welcomed us HOME.

But as summer is knocking at our doorstep, we cannot fight the feeling of embracing cool and fresh interiors. While we have our heart set on making Hygge, its a tough call to pack those chunky throws and spicy scented candles away! But wait, fear not, we’ve got your back…

We designed a welcoming living room that spells all things Hygge. Get ready to feel cozy already, without the temperature rising!

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Art Fix for your abode

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Ready to add some fun  to your walls? We believe you deserve an expression of your feelings. And what’s a better way than to let your home do the talking.

We have looked up some noteworthy Artists’ work and curated a collection of their soulful paintings. Here you’ll find framed art prints – for smaller budgets as well as some masterpiece hand painted canvased for the Art lover. Click below for prices and shopping list:

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How are you bringing in warmth this Lohri?

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How are you bringing in warmth this Lohri?


Oh how you long for a fireplace in the living room, right? While we gather around fire pits with our family and neighbors, there’s a little piece of Lohri you can take indoors. We have curated a collection of beautifully crafted candles for every budget.Collect these centerpieces for a cozy effect all winter long. Let’s get shopping!



INR 1,390

INR 1,732

INR 2,392

INR 1,199

Get the entire shopping list here:


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Zen Bedroom

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Sleep requires peace. Peace requires calm. Calm requires harmony. Harmony requires thoughtful organisation. See how this 150 square foot bedroom speaks perfection in detail.


Our design exercise involved creating a bedroom balanced with daily activity space and a secluded sleeping area. The client wished to retain the largest piece in the room- the king sized bed. Having pulled down an old wardrobe, we had an extra niche in the bedroom…

So, cleverly, we oriented the room vertically. This addressed two concerns- giving the king bed its private corner and transitioning from activity to sleep zone. And we achieved this by placing a two seater recliner upholstered in linen. The initial plan was for a couch. But the client loved the idea of kicking their feet up while watching Tv!


Speaking of zones, we created a television wall- dressed with a smart chest of drawers in chocolate stain. The glass top of this chest created a display counter for decor and accessories. With travel souvenirs and family pictures, the corner has transformed into the most cherished niche of the house!

Now that the bedroom is orderly, we move to the finer details… The client wanted relaxing artwork for the walls. However, we thought of pulling together the room by creating one entire wall into art! So came the backdrop of Japanese orchid flowers. With this backdrop, we added a sparkling soft texture to the rest of the walls with coordinating wallpaper in pastel pink. Now the room looked more relaxing than ever!


Accessorizing the windows and floor was a blend of texture and pattern studies. We wanted a geometric pattern for the room in addition to the floral wall. But at the same time, had to keep harmony between the window and art wall. So, we threw a geometric patterned rose colored rug in a combination of silk and wool.



Let’s move to the cushy end… the bed comes with its two night stands, in Teak wood. But we always want more! We added a twist to the bedside corner. By placing two wooden trays atop the nightstands and two Japanese- inspired tilting lamps on the headrest, we now have a personal butler table on each side!


Our job is done here. We let our happy client read under the quirky lamps and relax in the zen bedroom.

keep styling and keep smiling!


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