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Beach inspired living room

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What does an amazing view want? A cozy, relaxed sit out for enjoying your time...

This Beach- inspired Living Room has the perfect welcome design. With hues of blue and white against a grey- beige backdrop, the room is relaxed and well dressed at the same time.

This 216 square foot living room needed an update. 

The client wanted to retain the wall lights and the Persian silk rug. All of the furniture was styled to give a classy yet casual look. And the handcrafted rubber wood expandable center table was the show stopper! This gave us our color palate- Smoked brown with a hint of grey. 

We picked tinges of blue from the antique Persian rug and gave it a twist. The result- duck egg blue for the drapes and cool aqua upholstery for the sofas. To create interest in the room, we introduces two reading chairs in off- white with a watercolor floral print. Now throwing cushions was easy!

Moving to add decor and accessories was interesting. We wanted to avoid metal into this calm setting. So, we used a beautiful glass mirrored dish and a wooden tray with lacquered handles- both of which are handcrafted.

A fresh bunch of bamboo stalks came handy for bringing the greens indoors, without adding too much bulk (large plants can take up a lot of floor space). We stationed a fine blue glass pot with Japanese hand- sewn Roses and Bougainvillea stems. This marvelous ensemble pulls together a Zen garden look midst a melange of Persian and English influences!

Always remember to intrigue your guest by lighting an aroma candle- that smells of the current season. Lastly, a fruit arrangement lightens a cake platter like a pro! 

keep styling and keep smiling!

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