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Forest Neutrals

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Forest Neutrals

So we talked about keeping this season light and breezy. But too light a color scheme may also look a bit bland. Just like your frappe with an overdose of ice, ewww! We sure love a cold coffee, but maybe not extremely chilled. See what I mean? It is summer, yes. But we also shopped a lot last season and wouldn’t want to makeover entirely…

That’s when I thought we could bring in some freshness with natural hues (read: wood, greens, sand). This is a living room look where you can pull in an occasional throw and hold on to your knitted cushion from winter. Our fancy rug is too plush for comfort, so we hang it up with elan! Did you know that Orange aroma is just as refreshing in hot months? So lay out your fancy Tom Dixon tea set and enjoy your new forest retreat.

Thumprints outside light, 49,695 INR / UGG Australia rug, 11,230 INR / AbcDNA textured bedding, 23,255 INR / Tom Dixon coffee brewer, 13,090 INR / Tom Dixon drinkware, 10,030 INR / Throw pillow, 56,475 INR / Cake candle, 530 INR / Leaf home decor, 12,360 INR / Teak table / Wood furniture, 265,425 INR / Sarah Jacoby Autumn Scene, 1,330 INR / Irving Place, 149,240 INR / UGG Oversized Knit Cushion Cover 20″ Grey, 12,160 INR
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