We all long for that cozy moment when we can just unwind in our Pj’s after a long long day at work. Well, having a fireplace and a cuppa hot chocolate may seem a faraway dream. But you can have your own snuggle corner right in the middle of your dining room! Here’s how we created a soft yet minimal look to bring warmth into your busy lives:

To begin with, we choose a blush pink (or nearly there pink) shade of paint for the walls. When we create a relaxing space, we try to keep the background uniform. And highlight or feature walls are so passe!

Lets address the elephant in the room. A large dining table. Here, we picked out a practical solution to be used creatively as a 4- seater on usual days. When you’ve got enough on your table, it beautifully transforms into a 6- seater without having to stack those high back chairs. Presenting, the plush and versatile Upholstered Bench! The bench may be stacked under the table or, against the wall and under the table…

Now over to the real beauties- the dining chairs. We love to sink in and eat. Simple. We don’t want to feel like having a meal at the cafeteria or Mc D’s. So we choose to bring in sturdy, moderately sized upholstered chairs. These have a curved back and are stylishly finished in a dark shade of thick fabric. Feeling princely yet?

Now the little luxuries (or big ones)… We thought of adding a love-seat to the dining room to make it slightly relaxed. The texture had been kept fine and the color light. But the comfort is big. Oh the pleasure of eating on a couch- without the clumsy moments! Finished in wood, this love-seat brings enough warmth and synchronicity to the rest of the room.

We plan to keep the ground below your feet soft, enter- throw rug. A simple hand knotted rug in off white and grey with a flowing pattern is just what the space needs. We avoid bold colors and contrasting palettes here. Remember to pick out a rug that’s big enough to be laid under the couch and still have space to walk/ sit on in front.

Let’s accessorize the ensemble with a hint of sophistication… The blush pink walls get their well deserved sketchy fix. We create a sequence of framed watercolor and charcoal paintings in grey tones. Why did we mix the two media? To avoid making your dining room walls into an art gallery. We hate monotony, especially in homes. Let’s now bring in light with a black floor lamp. Simple yet beautifully functional. And for your lazy bones- a butler trolley in brushed metal. Adding personal items like a stack of hardbound books and a satin- microfiber throw always make your room homely!

See below for the shopping list.

Dulux Gentle Spain wall paint @INR 250 per Liter, Wooden dining table with cut out @INR 15,990, Mid back upholstered dining chair @INR 8,099, or spend a little more for Cut out upholstered chair @INR 11,1995×8 rug in wool blend @INR 25,8002 Seater couch @INR 27,199, Upholstered bench @INR 19,999, Antique gold bar cart @INR 8,476, Grey textured cushion 12″x12″ @INR 1,050, Black slender floor lamp @INR 17,685, or spend less for Black drum floor lamp @INR 13,7999

Keep styling and keep smiling!